My Privilege Login

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1. | PRINT OUT the Registration Form

2. Fill out the Registration Form and send it to the address specified on the form.

3. The Hit shall send you all the information necessary for the realisation of the credit transfer by registered mail on the specified address.

4. Visit one of the Hit casinos where a host will welcome you and activate your Privilege Account in your presence, then he will inform you about everything you are interested in and accompany you to the casino cashier.

General business terms for privilege account: | PRINT the privilege account is a gaming deposit account with capital that can be opened at the hit company for the needs of a temporary storage of means to purchase the playable-only ticket and chips (hereinafter means for play).

  • Means on the Privilege Account do not pay interest.
  • Only person over 18 years of age can open the Privilege Account.
  • The Player can have only one Privilege Account.
  • The issue of an authorization to a third person for operating the    Privilege Account is illicit.