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Birthday Package

Price per person: 13 €

The price is per person and includes:
-    Free admission
-    Complimentary Privilege Club Card
-    All you can eat buffet at the Bazar Restaurant
-    A lucky chip: playable €2 (chip or playable ticket) for each participant
-    A glass of sparkling wine for each participant
-    Casino tour and explanation of games
-    A gift for the person who celebrates the birthday  

Note: Min. 6 Persons 

The offer is valid until 30 December 2019, if you subscribe to the Privilege Club right in the casino.

The package is purchasable at the casino reception. Not valid on concert days. Restaurant packages are available on days when concerts take place, but there is a charge to enter.

Information and booking:
t: +386 2 65 55 500


Information and booking:

t +386 265 555 00

Information and booking - HOTEL:


t +386 5 331 13 41
f +386 5 336 32 98